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The Professor Pentti Kaitera Fund

The Professor Pentti Kaitera Fund rewards work done to benefit Northern Finland. The fund, which operates at the University of Oulu, was established in 1988 to honour the memory of Pentti Kaitera (1905–1985), the first rector of the University of Oulu.

Our fund is based on the notion that the vitality of Northern Finland is important for the success of Finland as a whole. We believe that the key to vitality lies in education, research, personal growth, the common good and pioneering spirit.

Achievement award

Every two years, we present the €20,000 Pentti Kaitera Award. The recipient of the award can be an individual or community which, through their own work, promotes the emotional health and economic well-being of Northern Finland or other aims of the University of Oulu. By 2021, we have presented a total of 19 awards.

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Chair: Katri Ervamaa

All award winners

2022 Dance artist, director Pirjo Yli-Maunula; Violinist, conductor John Storgårds

2020 Domestication in Action research group

2018 Polar Bear Pitching ry

2016 Professor Matti Latva-aho

2014 Nature photographer Jari Peltomäki

2012 Professor Matti Pietikäinen

2010 CEO Markku Jokinen, Sievin Jalkine Oy

2008 Academy Professor Juha Kostamovaara

2006 CEO Esko Järvenpää and WSP Suunnittelu KORTES Oy

2005 Pentti Kaitera’s 100th anniversary memorial award: the University of Oulu’s staff, Hannu Väisänen’s Kullervo painting

2004 Academy Professor Helena Aksela

2002 Men’s choir Huutajat and Petri Sirviö

1999 Professor Jouko Vahtola

1997 CEO Esa Rousu

1995 Professor Karl Tryggvason

1993 Artistic Director Seppo Kimanen

1992 Professor Risto Myllylä

1990 Ceramic artist Anu Pentik

1989 Professor Kari Kivirikko ja docent Taina Pihlajaniemi

1988 Counsellor of Education Kerttu Saalasti


The Professor Pentti Kaitera Fund operates at the University of Oulu.

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Chair: Katri Ervamaa